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The Bug Shelter is a patent pending design that incorporates a standard L Pad Dock Seal or a Rigid Frame Shelter with an automatic Bug Screen Door. Ideal for Industrial, Food Grade or Distribution facilities that either need bug abatement solutions or just airflow throughout their warehouse. No need for invasive stand off brackets anymore. Put your bug screen doors outside and out of the way giving you more floor space to operate while minimizing accidents or damage.

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The new Tsunami line features ULED (Ultra Low Energy Demands) High Speed Doors developed in collaboration with Therm-L Tec Systems.

Imagine cutting your high-speed door operating costs by 80-90% on our standard unit or add the optional POWER REGENERATION UNIT and feed power back into your grid making this door ENERGY NEUTRAL! Speeds in excess of 160 Inches per second & a 5-year Unlimited Cycle warranty.‚Äč

Lightning Bug High Speed Door

The Tsunami line includes the Lightning Bug High Speed Door which features an exceptional new reliable motor designed for speed and high cycle usage.

Ideal for Food Grade Facilities

Get ultimate defense against birds and bugs with this high speed exterior door (up to 160" per second) - 160'0" width x 20'0" high. Standard high speed doors choke off the airflow while the Lightning Bug will let 65% of the breeze through your facility.

Simple Design

High quality aluminum extrusion construction for maximum wind resistance and built-in brush weather seal for total protection against intruders. Military grade fabric - NFPA approved flame resistance.

Exceptional Motor Reliability - New to Industry

At what point do standard high speed doors start needing frequent maintenance? 100,000 cycles, 500,000 cycles, 1 million cycles? How does millions of cycles sound to you with almost no maintenance? We have a 5 year maintenance with unlimited cycles. No gear boxes, no oil or grease that leaks, fanless motor operation with zero heat created. Unlimited cycles per hour. Patent pending design by Therm L Tec Sysems.

Optional Solid Vinyl Curtain Available

The Lighting Bug High Speed Door can also come with an additional 40 oz. vinyl curtain for the cooler months that can be swapped out in about an hour.